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Blue Cheese
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Cannabis Seeds Information

If you are on the hunt for something fruity, this is absolutely the cannabis seed for you - Big Buddha Seeds have sourced the finest Blueberry males and crossed them with the original UK Cheese bringing you the award-winning Blue Cheese.

Characteristics of this ‘berrilicious’ strain include short, bushy plants with great yield and compact buds, along with that potent blueberry aroma that will knock your socks off.

The Blue Cheese strain has the best qualities from both of its parents as it is 75% indica and 25% sativa and gives the smoker a highly euphoric high with an exceptionally pleasant smoke.

Strain type: Sativa / Indica Hybrid (25% Blueberry 75% Cheese)
Parents:Blueberry x Cheese (male) X original UK Cheese (female)
Growing Info: Flowering time 8-10 weeks
Outdoors: End of Oct. start of Nov.
Sensory Experience: Highly euphoric, Very functional,
Smell: A Sweet, Fruity, Tarty, Berry scent, with that recognised musky undertone of the original cheese
Taste: Potent, Blueberry, Fresh taste


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