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Red Dragon
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Cannabis Seeds Information

You are guaranteed an exotic smoke with Red Dragon, its parentage is held with Brazilian sativa Utopia Haze and a West Himalayan Kush producing a sativa dominated strain with the red line genetics. The cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate and your seedlings will quickly develop that sought after rich red colour, the name of the seeds has been derived from the plants appearance as you may have guessed – perfect if you are looking for something a little different to add to your cannabis garden.

Red Dragon developed heavy red colas that are covered in crystals, these grow on a medium sized plant that flowers in just 9 weeks. Many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the sativa high of Red Dragon that is followed by that solid kush stone that lasts and lasts. Red Dragon smokers boast of its sweet smell and taste that is often compared to tropical guava fruits.

Type: Indica / Sativa
Genetics: Brazilian. Afghani
Yield: Optimum indoor. 500 gr/m2
Height: 80cm (indoor)
Flowering Time: 60 to 65 days (indoor)
Harvest Time: Mid / End September (outdoor)
THC: 23%
CBD: 1.2%


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