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The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world. Winner of many international awards (32 High times Cannabis Cups, many Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is leader in cannabis genetics. Arjan, owner and founder, has been acclaimed The King of Cannabis. He has always been committed to preserve the best landraces and to create the best genetics in the world, making sure that the growers choose good genetics, based upon their location, logistics and needs. Our feminized cannabis seeds are guaranteed the best in the world, and we invest large amounts of time and resources developing new and innovative products for the benefit of the whole community.

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  • Green HouseFem El Niño

    This was the first prize winner at the BIO HTCC in 1998. This is, as the name suggests, a stormy plant with some Brazillian pedigree as well as a mix of others. Great quality. Awards: 1st prize Bio HTTC 1998. Genetics: Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian...

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  • Green HouseFem Exodus Cheese

    Pick 'n' Mix Seeds is happy to announce that the most popular clone-only strain in the UK is now available in seed form! For our growers who enjoyed The Cheese, you will love the Exodus Cheese. With 8 weeks flowering time indoors and a production...

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  • Green HouseFem Great White Shark

    This multi award winning cannabis seed (1st prize Bio HTCC in 1997 and 1st prize Highlife 2005) offers a genetic blend of Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian. This plant creates a strong full bodied stoned effect that is long lasting with a floral aroma....

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  • Green HouseFem Green House Thai

    The Green House Green Thai has been in Arjan's collection for a very long time, and only recently Green House Seeds decided to introduce it into their 2010 seed catalog. It is a true connoisseur sativa, with a very tall attitude and a very long...

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  • Green HouseFem Green-O-Matic

    Green–O–Matic is an auto flowering strain that is fast acting both in flowering and when smoking. Ready for harvest after just 6 weeks on average, this plant is short but definitely sweet because of its beautiful heavy buds and sparkling crystals that create a robust,...

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  • Green HouseFem Hawaiian Snow

    Hawaiian Snow is the ultimate award winner, receiving its first award back in 2003, the High Times Cannabis Cup and going on to win 3rd prize in the High Times Cup in 2006 and 2nd prize in the Champions Cup in 2007. Hawaiian Snow is...

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  • Green HouseFem Himalaya Gold

    Himalaya Gold marijuana seeds are extremely popular at the moment because the plant holds a fantastic reputation for quality. Originating from Nepal this exotic strain conjures a strong and long lasting body high and although it has not been introduced to any competitions yet it...

  • Green HouseFem Jack Herer

    The Jack Herer cannabis seeds are multiple winners of various awards across the industry and are undoubtedly one of the best cannabis seeds in the industry today. The Jack Herer boasts Haze and Red Skunk genetics providing one of the most loved seeds in the...

  • Green HouseFem Jack Herer Automatic

    SATIVA - INDICA - RUDERALIS 50 % - 30 % - 20%   GENETICS Jack Herer x Ruderalis   EFFECTS Balanced body-stoned and head-high effect. Strong and long lasting.   FLOWERING INDOOR 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 700 gr/m2. Can be...

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  • Green HouseFem K-Train

    The K-Train is a new creation of Green House Seed Company. We decided to cross the original Trainwreck with original Kush, and the result is impressive to say the least. After careful selection, we are introducing the perfect balance between these two famous strains: the...

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  • Green HouseFem Kaia Kush

    Awards: HTCC 2007 Genetics: Super Silver Haze, Kush Effect: very relaxing and creative Flowering indoor: 9 weeks Flowering outdoor: Ripe at the end of October (Europe) THC: 19.8% CBD: 0.36% CBG: 0.26%

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  • Green HouseFem Kalashnikova

    This seed offers a strong effect due to its 80 % indica composition, which is higher than either of this plants parent strains. Green House seeds have crossed the award winning AK47 with the ever popular White Widow, to produce this fantastic cannabis seed. Flowering...

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  • Green HouseFem Kalashnikova Automatic

    Genetics: Kalashnikova x Green-o-Matic Effects: Very body-like, fast hitter. Fruity and spicy flavour and aroma. Flowering indoor: 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 800gr/m2. Can be flowered at 18 or 12 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks total crop time. Flowering outdoor: 7 weeks flowering time with a production...

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  • Green HouseFem King's Kush

    Awards: Not yet introduced. Genetics: OG Kush, Grape. Effect: Slow at first, creepy, but very heavy and long lasting. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks. Flowering outdoor: Ripe at the end of October (Europe). THC: 20.29%CBD: 0.32%CBG: 0.46%

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  • Green HouseFem Ladyburn 1974

    Looking at the data, you should expect a very powerful impact from the Ladyburn 1974 strain and when Green House Seed Bank makes a claim, people tend to listen – after all, when it comes to Cannabis Seeds, these guys are royalty. Taking the legendary...

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  • Green HouseFem Lemon Skunk

    The Lemon Skunk is an award winning cannabis seed that scooped 1st place in the HighLife Awards in 2007. The Lemon Skunk cannabis seeds are a true-breeding Skunk strain. It is an old school Skunk from the Amsterdam underground. It’s smooth citrus flavour and complex...