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DNA Genetics Limited Edition Strains!

DNA Genetics have just released a whole load of limited edition strains. All of them are truly limited with only 2000 packs of each strain being produced.

There are 5 female strains and 8 regular strains, all of which come in packs of 6 cannabis seeds (and singles of course!).

Here's the full list:

Feminised Strains

Regular Strains

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Blue Mystic…

Designed by some of the finest minds in Hybrid Development, Blue Mystic is another great strain from the guys from Nirvana Seeds.

These seeds are literally spell-binding, with deep blue leaves and bud nodes that are desiccated with dewdrop like crystals and the delicate look and feel of crushed velvet. All of that is guaranteed on a stocky, well-developed and high yielding plant.

These buds are full of an earthy, organic smoothness, their subtle top notes of wild berries demonstrate a complex palate.

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Dame Blanche…

Dame Blanche...

If you are looking for a big, sturdy production plant with strong branching, then look no further than Dame Blanche from Flying Dutchmen Seeds.

By cross-breeding White Widow with the Skunk/Northern Lights resulted in this White Lady – an Indica-dominant strain with a diverse Sativa background. This strain is the latest refinement of the ‘White’ lines of cannabis – a chunky, all-female strain that’s perfect for beginners of more experienced growers.

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Auto Wappa…

Auto Wappa is an easy to grow plant with the characteristics of her predecessor, the original Wappa.

This variety produces impressively formed compact flowers with resinous and sweet flavoured buds, producing a low leaf to flower ratio. When grown outdoors she can get to 1 meter tall and finishes in a little over two months from start. Be careful with this strain, the effects can be surprisingly strong.  

To view the full range of seeds from Paradise Seeds, please click here

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Bubbleyum is well known for the characteristic sweetness of her scent, reminiscent of the typical heavily flavored gum and the incredible effect that produces an euphoria effect.

The plant is of a medium size with a few branches that produce buds with a lovely compact crystalline coating. She is originally from Indiana (USA), from which the genetic strain moved to New England and then to the Netherlands, where over time, and after being subjected to certain adjustment operations, finished producing the current range of solid Bubblegum with that sweetness.

This variety often used therapeutically to relieve...

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