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Brand new from Barney's Farm!

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Barney's Farm have released six exciting new strains for 2013: three feminised varieties and three autoflowering seeds. The photos and descriptions are online now to wet your appetite!   New Feminised Seeds: Chronic Thunder Grape Ape Peppermint Kush   New Autoflowering Seeds: Tangelo Rapido Grape Muerto ...

FastBuds Seeds - back in stock!

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We've just received our delivery from FastBuds, and all strains are now BACK IN STOCK!   They flew out the door last time, so grab them quick!   Have a look at the full range here: FastBuds Seeds

Short Stuff #1 - Short Stuff

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A great autoflowering strain developed in the Netherlands by Short Stuff and sent all over the world. You can pick up these seeds in both regular and feminised with males beginning to flower in around 17 days and females around 20 days. As a result of this it is one of the most compact, discrete and quickest plant available.Sound ...

Royal Queen Seeds now in stock!

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As of today we are now stocking the full range of Royal Queen Seeds.Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. After building up many years of experience in growing cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, they decided to launch their own line of cannabis seeds and are now able to offer you quality feminised, a...

KC Brains

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Very high on the list of requested seed banks was KC Brains, and we're proud to announce that they are in stock now and available for purchase!KC Brains are among Amsterdam's finest breeders with a whole host of cannabis cup winners. They have an incredibly extensive range, both in regular and feminised strains. So much so, they appear to have r...

The Bulldog Seeds have arrived!

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So, a little while ago we asked you what seed banks you wanted us to stock... and here's one that was very high on the list!The Bulldog established the very first cannabis coffee shop in the world, a whole 34 years ago now, and have now teamed up with some of the world leading breeders.The Bulldog Seeds has spent more than 5 years coll...

Just in from Paradise Seeds

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Paradise Seeds have launched a selection of new seeds for 2012. Two of them are IBL (in-bred line) feminised seeds, and the other four are autoflowering seeds.Here's the full list:Original Cheese (IBL)Original White Widow (IBL)Auto AcidAuto JackAuto WappaAuto WhiteberryTheir full range can be found in the Paradise Seeds category.

Introducing CBD Seeds

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We've got yet another seed bank in our already extensive selection! CBD Seeds, as the name suggest, specialise in cannabis seeds with a high CBD content. They have maintained the characteristics of the first genes that became legend many years ago, and selected the very best phenotypes of those strains.CBD Seeds produce a mixture of feminised se...

Auto Seeds - now available at Pick 'n' Mix Seeds!

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We are proud to announce that we are now full stockists of Auto Seeds, specialist breeders of the finest quality autoflowering seeds.Created with both the connoisseur and commercial growers in mind, our autoflowering varieties can be ready in as little as 55 days from seed to harvest. They are an ideal choice when space is limited or stealth and...

Sweet Seeds: 9 new strains

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We've just received stock of a whole host of new strains of cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds. All of them are feminised seeds.The following are all new in the autoflowering seeds range:+ Speed AutomaticBig Devil XL AutomaticCream Madarine AutomaticGreen Poison AutomaticMohan Ran AutomaticSweet Cheese AutomaticSweet Skunk AutomaticSweet Special Au...