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Firstly, we’re sure some of you have noticed the return of our famous Pick n’ Mix branded lighters. They’ve been going out free of charge with orders over the week or two, and there aren’t many left – so move quickly if you want to get involved. They double-up as a handy bottle opener too, and were super popular last time out! We’ll be sending them out while stocks last with any orders sent to an address in the United Kingdom.

Secondly – and perhaps more importantly for you bargain hunters out there - this weekend we’re going discount crazy here at Pick n’ Mix, with savings for orders big and small alike! Here’s how it works :

Place an order totalling under £30 and get 10% off the value of seeds, with discount code TEN10

Place an order totalling between £30 and £100 and get 15% off the value of seeds, with discount code FIFTEEN15

Place an order totalling £100 or more and get an enormous 20% off the value of seeds, with discount code TWENTY20

We’re kicking this offer off right now, and it’ll run until 23.59 GMT Sunday 25th September 2011. So get stuck in! Please remember to enter and apply the appropriate discount code when placing your order, as we are unable to discount your order manually after you have completed it.

Please of course feel free to share this great news with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, pets, local MP, the odd bloke that works at the off licence, passers-by in the street and heck, whoever you like...and don’t forget to send them to – the home of the original and longest-running “pick and mix” cannabis seeds website in the world!


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  • Craig

    Discount code for 10% (Twit10)
    September 2014

  • mr pascoe brock

    i have just had my order but nver get extra or free seeds when spend a lot#

  • ammo

    I want to place an order but im looking for free seeds along with it or a discount code. Im going to be buying worth 40-50 pounds.

  • Kevin Fraser

    Can you help with a discount or some free seeds cheese is what am after can you help I have made loads of orders but discount code never works

  • Kevin Fraser

    Never had any free seeds or any discounts can you offer any I have made loads of orders thanks

  • Kevin Fraser

    I have been trying to apply my discount code on every order it hasn’t worked I have never got any free seeds I want to make a order but can you give me some discount news or maybe a couple free seeds as long as its got cheese in the name I will be happy thanks

  • gemma

    Do you have any discount on offer for November thanks

  • gemma

    Do you have any discount on offer for November thanks

  • gemma

    Do you have any discount on offer for November thanks

  • Sally

    Do yo have an promotions atm?

  • alex

    Do you have current promotions currently?

  • Andrew

    you are the best sweet shop in “THE WORLD!!!!!!”

  • Jack Black

    I love Pick`n`Mix your great!I never had a problem with my orders from you! Thank you for your work , i will always be your custumer!

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